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Various Types of Tree Services When we talk about tree services, the first that may come to mind is that a tree will be removed or cut down; dead, dying and dangerous trees are typically removed by tree service companies. These tree service companies help homeowners save millions of dollars annually by removing any tree that does nothing but add a dangerous factor to the homeowner’s backyard and lawn; so it’s not surprising that tree removals are what they are best known for. Tree removal will save the homeowners serious payment for damages caused by a tree falling on their home, on their car and even on themselves. If you think about the benefits in the long run, it would be a lot cheaper to have the tree removed than risk catastrophic consequences in the future. But tree services offer so much more than tree removal
5 Uses For Trees
Of course there are tree service companies that solely focus and concentrate on the task of safe tree cutting and removal, but there’s more to it than just that. A lot of tree services hire professionals called arborists, they are the vets in the world of trees and plants. Arborists not only specialise in trees, but also other plants and vegetation as well; since they know exactly what an ailing tree needs in order to recover, people dubbed them the ‘tree whisperer.’
Understanding Trees
When cutting the tree may not be the practical option There are those that question the relevance, wouldn’t it be a lot simpler to take down the tree when it’s noticeably diseased or infected? In truth, the answer is a yes and a no and even an ‘it depends’, many factors should be considered before any removal is done. For one thing, is how immediate is the danger presented by the tree? If the tree is already threatening to drop branches on the house or it’s all that obvious that a strong gust of wind can topple it over then quite plainly having it removed would be the best option. On the other hand, maybe the disease has only just started and it still hasn’t established itself on the tree? For cases like these, the arborist can be called in first before the tree removal team; the arborist can quickly diagnose and help treat the tree. Treating a tree when possible is extremely practical, it eliminates the danger of having a diseased tree on the yard; aside from the mentioned danger, a diseased tree can spread the disease to other trees and plants on the yard. Most of the time, it’s a lot cheaper and practical to have the tree treated than to have it removed; if it’s not all that necessary to have the tree removed then why uproot it?

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