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Independent bands necessarily face an uphill battle to get their music played on radio stations, but blindly sending CDs out to every station in a certain area is a recipe for failure. A good submission method is important when approaching any music industry professionals, especially radio stations, if you want your band’s hard work in […]

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For some people, the radio could be considered “to be going the way of cable TV channels”. On the one hand, some radio stations seem to be more oriented to one style of music. On some level, this is good; if a listener wants to listen to classic rock, he would know exactly which station […]

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Country music websites and blogs provide fans with information about this genre of music. Fans can read the latest news about country music stars or catch up with legendary country musicians. Some even provide valuable links to other online resources to learn additional information on the industry. Not all sites are created equal, so this […]

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Technology has leveled the music industry playing field. It used to be that artist had to make a demo, submit it to many record labels, and hope and pray they were at least called. The next best thing to getting a record deal was starting your own label but doing so was expensive & risky. […]

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On quite a few occasions I’ve been listening to my MP3 player and have been asked by friends what band I was listening to. Upon repeating the name of the band, perhaps We Are Scientists or Arctic Monkeys, I get a blank stare. My friends haven’t heard of them. It’s not because the bands I’m […]

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I realize how old I am, when I find that on the Internet, I can legally download free tracks from Nine Inch Nails from the NIN website. Why is Trent Reznor making his music free to anyone with Internet access? When I was a teenager, I had to save money to buy a not so […]