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I’ll blab a bit about my experience with Pinterest, but if you’d like to skip to the bottom of this article to the how-to steps, I won’t be offended at all. Pinterest is awesome, wish fulfillment stuff, but be warned: you need to read all of the rules and regulations hoopla to make sure you agree with their terms.

I started seeing blips and bleeps about Pinterest on Facebook a few weeks ago. When I went to go look at their site I was overwhelmed by photos and soon left the page for other, more-familiar pursuits. I asked friends about it and found a savvy girl to enlighten me. She told me I’d love it and that I should get through the boring, technical how-to-do-Pinterest jargon. I took her advice and plunged in.

On Pinterest, you have your ‘page’ where you have ‘boards’. You can create the titles for your boards. You’ll be collecting pictures and videos of things you like/love/think are interesting etc. Your board titles may be, ‘Foods I Love’, ‘Hot Guys’, ‘My Favorite Movies’, ‘How To’, ‘Bucket List’, ‘Dream Places’, ‘I Heart Wallabies’, etc.

*Alert* I still can’t get the Pinterest ‘add it’ button to work properly. I waited a whole week to get back to that, thinking I’d figure out the button, then write this article. No, sniff, I can’t be bothered. I’ve found another way – just ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ URL info onto their ‘Add a Pin’ line.

Here’s something interesting for all of you would-be sales peeps – Pinterest doles out a warning about not advertising on their playground. I do have a board with pictures of the books I have written. It just sits there beside my picture and profile information minding its own business, so I say ‘pooh pooh’ and let it be. I figure people can do what they always do when they don’t want to see a commercial – ignore it.

How Do You Do Pinterest?

1. Go onto the Pinterest website and ask to be invited. (It took approximately a week for Pinterest to invite me and my friends to participate. If you know someone who is on Pinterest, they can invite you.)
2. Follow their prompts to create your page. Watch the tutorial on how to use the ‘Pin It’ button.
3. Other ways you can pin photos and videos:
*’Repin’ other people’s pins
*Go to the web

‘right click’ on an image you like
Choose ‘copy image URL’
Go back to Pinterest and click on ‘Add’, then ‘Add a pin’
‘right click’ and ‘paste’ the line onto the bar
Pinterest will ask you to describe the image

*For videos, I go to Youtube, search out a song or a how-to video etc. ‘Right click’ and ‘copy’ the info in the http bar at the top of the page then paste that into the ‘add’ option on the Pinterest page.

Basically, that’s it. Like all of the other mind-melting social websites, it’s strangely addictive. I love gorgeous photos and can’t stop pinning them up. I’ve even pinned some how-to videos, and shocked myself in the process. I was never before interested in such crafty things. Today I learned how to braid a heart into my child’s hair and yesterday she was thrilled to take uncooked pasta and spear it through slices of hotdog. When the pasta dogs are boiled, they look like freaky alien food. It’s like getting all of the good learning out of those women’s magazines I could never stand without the stick-in-bum editorials and tampon commercials. Heaven.

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