Hello guys – glad to be writing again to you all and giving tips and advice on improving your dating life. Before I start I just want to say I hope your weekend was fun – gotta say I partied just a little too hard Friday and Saturday.

Okay I want to talk to you guys about having a “Plan B” when you are dating the women in your life. Yes I said “women” there is nothing wrong dating more than one if you so choose – the more you do it the better you’ll develop unstoppable confidence quickly.

What do I mean about having a – Plan B? Basically I’m talking about controlling the setting and having more than one place in mind to take her.

Side Bar: Always be the leader and make the plans don’t just say “Oh we can do what you want”. That’s lame! You will look not only clueless but also look like a wussy. It’s okay to take charge she won’t be offended.

Having more than one place to take her serves several purposes: 1) It could have closed down 2) You want to avoid your ex or hers 3) There are million and one other reasons to list here.

Point is to always have a backup plan in case the one you made doesn’t pan out. Here is an example why this is important. A couple of weeks ago I met up with my old roommate for drinks for happy hour. As we were talking she mentioned that this other place with great happy hour but it closed down that very week.

Now think here for a moment – you may have a guy wanting to meet his lady for cheap cocktails and when they meet up – the bar is closed. Now what does he do? Whips out Plan B and like no big deal he makes it happen.

I want to urge you to avoid the whole club thing – look they are loud as hell and there are guys that will trying to pick up your chick when you take a piss. Why create hurdles for yourself?

When I meet a girl for the 1st time over coffee I will always have two other coffee shops nearby I can rely on – the next being more unique than the last.

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